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Horetown House - Outdoor Ceremony

Here is a blog entry from a fellow supplier, the fabulous Ronan Quinn. Ronan and I have had the pleasure of having previous mutual wedding ceremonies. So I am most pleased to be able to show you our more recent collaboration on his highlight video from the gorgeous Horetown House, Co. Wexford for the beautiful Lisa & Irfan. xxRomy

For all your newly engaged couples, this is the second couple i have shot a #weddingvideo for recently that first met when the girl visited the guys flat to rent a room! Who needs Tinder eh? Have any of you met this way or in any unusual circumstances? It's a recent wedding video from the beautiful Horetown House in Wexford. A lovely outdoor ceremony on the venues grounds with Romy McAuley giving a lovely cere...mony. I've worked with Romy many times and she is lovely. View more of our work at

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