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Plugged or Un-Plugged Wedding Ceremony???

Have you heard the term "Un-Plugged Ceremony"?? It's been growing in popularity over the past few years in wedding ceremonies.... but is it REALLY something that you want?

Lets look into ALL the options, and you'll be able to make an informed decision...

"Plugged" - well, this means that you'll be happy for family and friends to be taking photos through-out the ceremony/wedding.

You can give pretty much free-reign, and just let anyone take snaps whenever and of whatever they choose.

Perhaps you might want to actually encourage them to take photos - then send them to you both after the wedding. Having a QR code, a website, dropbox or email address - printed and displayed around the wedding venue, means guests can upload their photos directly to you! You'll be able to sort through lots of pictures and keep them for future memories.

"No Entrance or Exit photos" - so you might be fine with guests taking photos through the ceremony... but would like them to refrain from snapping whilst the wedding party are entering at the beginning... and also when the wedding party exit at the very end.

This request is possibly the most popular one which I am asked to say to guests before the ceremony begins. You might be happy enough for them to take a few photos through the course of the ceremony... but just for these two key moments - it gives your professional photographer (and videographer!) the best chance of getting those amazing shots of you walking down the aisle.

"No Social Media" - does what it says on the tin.... Take photos, but please don't put them onto Social pages.

This can be a really handy request - especially if you have a lot of family & friends who, for whatever reason, couldn't attend the wedding.. So it means that there'll be no spoiler photos put up before you both have a chance to send some of your professional pictures.

It's also a very good request if you have a lot of kids at the wedding - many parents don't want photos of the children posted.

Some couples who aren't on Social Media themselves also often have this requested.

"The Signing Only" - so no photos through-out the main part of the ceremony - from the very beginning... all the way to nearly the end. Just letting guests have an oportunity to take some photos whilst you are signing your marriage documents.

This is a great option to, again, slightly limit the photos being taken - BUT knowing that when guests do take them, you'll be "posing" anyway.

Most guests are pretty respectful to the Pro's in this instance too - giving them a chance to get the professional photos done first, before taking snaps themselves.

Under The Veil Photography Ireland

"Un-Plugged" - yup, the one you've been waiting for....

So this basically means "NO" to photos. Full Stop. Its a full request for guests not to take any photos through-out the ceremony.

Personally, and I say this from what I have experienced and witnessed when couples have asked me to inform guests of this prior to the ceremony starting - I have noticed that there is a change in the "vibe" of the room. I always feel that, when you give instruction to not take any phots - people just seem to sit on their hands (so-to-speak) and not be so responsive to whats happening in the ceremony.

It is definitely something that I talk with couples about (as most of them end up agreeing with me), that no-one wants to have a bit of a "downer" moment before the ceremony even starts.

Its SO easy just to have a few small requests (only at the signing, not for the entrance/exit) - and it means that you're giving family & friends a little chance to take their snaps... but you're controlling when it happens.

Have a think about all the options.

You can mix and match things to suit... nothing is set in stone - Chat with myself (or your own Celebrant) and I will very happily do whatever you're request is. Its YOUR ceremony, so your choice!


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