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Spring Wedding Ceremony

Nearly 7 years ago - to the day - I received an email from a newly engaged bride-to-be. Her name; Siobhán, and her husband-to-be, David. They were in the very beginning stages of setting the scene for their upcoming wedding. Siobhán had a plan. She knew EXACTLY what her vision was for their beautiful wedding day. She had started planning early, because (as she later explained to me) herself & David knew their venue well in advance.

For his surprise proposal to Siobhán, David created a photo album of their relationship and, at the end, he had a photo of a gorgeous estate house wedding venue, Borris House, with a note stating that it might play a part in their near future.

It wasn't long after that, with a visit to Borris House, a vision was created. They saw Borris in early spring.. the blossoms were just coming out on the trees in the garden, and it was a picture of prettiness.

I remember Siobhán telling me that they picked their wedding date based on the blossoms coming into bloom. Timing was essential - and worked out perfectly on the day! A Spring wedding it would be. And the 18th April 2015 was chosen.

So when Siobhán and David first contacted me, it was 2 years in advance of their wedding day. Eager to get their venue and essential list of suppliers confirmed - this type of pre-planning is always the best way to ensure you get who and what you want.

It was a full year later that the three of us actually met for the first time in person. We had had email and Skype conversations through-out the first 12 months.. but again, around the pre-anniversary of the wedding date, we arrange to catch up in Dublin. I remember we chatted about absolutely everything from the proposal, to the plans, the ceremony, their relationship... all the vision. The excitement that they both had was electric and so refreshing to see. They were both so fully invested in every aspect of their day.

Over the next twelve months, we put together a beautiful ceremony which incorporated elements which ensured that family & friends were a main feature in the proceedings.

A remembrance for people who couldn't share the day with them, and lighting a candle in their memory. Most especially, this moment was for Siobhán's dad, who sadly had passed in the months leading up to the wedding. So there was a very special mention of him. David also helped Siobhán to honour her father, by creating an absolutely stunning back-drop to the ceremony space. A beautiful arch was made and decorated with foliage and flowers in memory of a man who loved nature. Even the placement of the flowers around the arch and on the floor space, when standing saying their vows, there seemed to be a sense of being enveloped by the beautiful decor... giving them a little hug as David & Siobhán stood in front promising their love to each other.

A Ring-warming ritual was also included so every single person in the room with them was involved - a moment that they could say that all their family & friends who were with them, gave them a blessing of love and well wishes for their future.

A Hand-Fasting unity ritual - a beautiful hand-woven cord was created for them especially for their ceremony. The colours of the cord all inspired by Spring and the colours of the wedding flowers Siobhán had chosen. During the ritual, Siobhán's mother recited a gorgeous reading which was to remind Siobhán & David of their connection to each other, how they are to support each through-out their future.

And for their future, they also included a Wine-Box and love letter element. They wrote each other a letter and sealed it into the box along with a very nice bottle of wine. Promising that they wouldn't open it until their 10th wedding anniversary.

Along with other beautiful Readings, one said by David's sister, and two others recited by friends of the couple.

The ceremony was all about love, friendship, family and friends. The people that they love the most surrounding them and supporting them into their togetherness.

Creating this type of ceremony takes time and planning. But if you have a beautiful vision, and a great team of people around you and supporting you both - it is very easily achieved. Take a little time to think about all the things which are most important to you both. Look at the parts of your relationship, your lives, your families & friends, that you want to have included and represented in your day.

It doesn't matter if you have 50 or 300 people with you and a huge wedding party... it doesn't matter if it's just the two of you and you're eloping together by yourselves. It's about how you create that moment. Every little element that is a part of a wedding day is special. Trust in yourselves, with your own ideas, thoughts and plans.

Trust in the suppliers you have taken the time to find and entrust to help you with your vision. We want the same as you - a moment in your life that you will remember for a lifetime.

x Romy & Gabrielle

Photos credited to Daniel at

Venue; Borris House Estate, Borris Co. Carlow Ireland

Celebrant; Romy McAuley


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