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Not Rain, Hail or Snow could stop this ceremony being stunning!

It was an extraordinary day in Gloster House. Firstly, there was rain, thunder, lightening, a lot of hail - and even one could say, snow.

But look at these photos from Anna & Chris's stunning wedding celebration - and you wouldn't even know it!

We went from an outdoor ceremony, to a Marquee ceremony, to a "everyone bolt inside!!!, it's an indoor ceremony!" After a slight delay in getting started, we held out for the rain & hail to stop so we could get family & friends down into the garden to a small marquee tent that was originally for the string quartet.

But just as Anna was about to walk down the beautiful garden path.... the heavens opened up again, and we had to wait.

Guests stuck inside the tent, and the very calm & relaxed bride looking on from the house.

Ultimately, the decision was made to bring everyone back inside, and we started the ceremony upstairs on the mezzanine.

As luck would have it - halfway through the ceremony, the sunshine beamed into the room.

We had to laugh. What else can you do!!

But the result - an absolutely beautiful ceremony and completely magic day.

Its a funny thing - after a ceremony, when I'm chatting with the couple, and they're having photos - it's always a little thing that I say to them "you can't see the cold in the photo!"..

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