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Bride Jenny on the Ray D'Arcy radio show on Today FM


A lovely start today - one of our lvely past brides' was talking this morning on The Ray D'Arcy show, TodayFM radio, about her wedding day....and, more specifically her Beautiful Ceremony with us!

Jenny & I, by accident, sat down at the same table whilst having some lunch at the Bride of the Year show, RDS in 2011. Jenny was there with her mum & Step-mum-to-be, searching for ideas for her wedding the following year. We happened to get chatting about her plans… which ended up with her asking for our ABC business card.

Several months later, I received an email from Jenny, asking if we had availability for her date – and if we could meet up to chat further with her fiancé, Rossa.

Jumping forward, once plans started to get put together – Jenny, Rossa and I pieced together an absolutely beautiful, personal ceremony for them both. Their venue was Ballybeg House, Wicklow. Their plan was to go outside for the ceremony – but, weather got the better of us, and we ended up with the ceremony in the house itself. Jenny and Rossa had several elements which they really wanted to incorporate into the ceremony; Tree planting – for their unity, Gifts to parents (which was a lovely idea; giving the parents very personal presents based on their own hobbies & likes), a Thumb-print tree – for their family & friends to share in, beautiful readings, personal vows, and some absolutely amazing music.

Both Jenny & Rossa were a complete “Hands-On” couple. So much of the day they personally created & made themselves. Everything was about their love, and the support of their families & friends.

And the sun did manage to shine on them – as, just as the ceremony concluded, rainbows appeared in the Wicklow valley view…..

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Hear the TodayFM Podcast:

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