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Romy McAuley

Wedding Celebrant Ireland

A Beautiful Ceremony...

and Gabrielle McAuley

Beautiful Ceremonies start now....

Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Gabrielle McAuley
Alternative Wedding Kilyon Manor Romy Mc
Wedding Celebrant Ireland.jpg

Romy is fantastic. We were both surprised how meaningful and personal the ceremony and vows were, and we couldn’t have planned a better day if we had taken years to do it.

Thank you for everything Romy.

Romy was so supportive during a crazy Covid build up, and delivered a fabulous ceremony.  From the moment we met her I knew she would be perfect for us, her bubbly, bright, positive attitude is exactly what you want on the day of your wedding! The ceremony was the highlight of the day and we have Romy to thank for that.

Jessica & Jonny

Civil Ceremony Ireland Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Romy McAuley

I loved that you added some laughs to the ceremony, It stopped me from crying through the whole thing

(tears of joy of course!) 

Breege & Rob

Gabrielle really listened to us and was very caring and positive during the lead up to the wedding. We were both very relaxed with the planning as we knew we were in safe hands. Gabrielle made the ceremony very personal and relaxing. It was perfect!

Are you wanting a completely
awesome and personal ceremony?

Are you wanting a beautiful ceremony which is really special, thoughtful
and has passion?

Are you wanting to Get Married in Ireland!?

Congratulations You've found us!!

Romy McAuley & Gabrielle McAuley are Authorised Registered Solemnisers, in association with the Multi-Faith group; Our Spiritual Earth.
 Our ceremonies are romantic, fun, exciting, enjoyable and well, down right AWESOME!  We can't wait to help you with YOUR Beautiful Ceremony! 

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Where can I have my...


Micro Ceremony or Elopement?
Do you want a really heart-felt ceremony,
filled with lots of love and happiness,
to celebrate your amazing relationship?
This fantastic part of your day is the beginning of a new part of your adventure together!
I'm looking for:
HSE Registered Solemnisers
& Celebrants
We will help you create YOUR perfect moment. 
With over 14 years of wedding experience -
and every single one of our ceremonies is personal and all about YOU.
Ask us about your own Wedding Ceremony Celebrant for your LEGAL marriage in Ireland.
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Micro Covid wedding Romy McAuley Celebrant (1)
Civil Ceremony Ireland Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Romy McAuley
Civil Ceremony Ireland Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Romy McAuley
Getting Married in Ireland Romy McAuley Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Ireland
Getting Married in Ireland Romy McAuley Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Ireland
Gloster House Wedding Romy McAuley 6
Getting Married in Ireland Romy McAuley Wedding Celebrant Solemniser Civil Ceremony Ireland

YES, there is serious stuff we need to look at

Can we get Legally Married? (YES!) 
Where can we get married in Ireland? 
How do we apply to the HSE for the 
Notification of Intent to Marry?
How far in advance do you need to confirm?
Spiritual Ceremonies or Humanist Ceremonies?
What do these mean!?
All these important questions you'll probably have about planning your ceremony. 
We will help you with them all!!   
We talk with couples every day about everything to do with ceremonies.
We've never yet been asked something we can't help with...
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Romy McAuley Ireland Celebrant Solemniser 10.jpg

Romy McAuley

Registered Solemniser

Having an absolute passion for awesome ceremonies, and a love of helping to create a really fun and happy day

Romy always goes the extra mile

for all her couples.

Gabrielle McAuley Celebrant_edited.jpg

Gabrielle McAuley

Registered Solemniser

With a love of life and happiness

Gabrielle has such a positive outlook on creating the most calm, relaxed and beautiful moment for families in

all types of ceremonies.


Get legally married in Ireland   Civil Ceremony Ireland   Wedding Solemniser Romy McAuley Celebrant


There have been some really amazing moments over the years that we have been celebrating Beautiful Ceremonies..

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We have been honoured to have helped over a thousands of wonderful people with their ceremonies. 

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Is it just the two of you wanting to have a really intimate moment for your vows? 

We do awesome Elopement ceremonies in stunning venues all over Ireland!

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