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Dublin Elopement

It is always exciting when I get an email from a couple who say that they want to Elope to Ireland. I LOVE Elopement ceremonies!

I love the fact that two people want to go somewhere that they've always dreamed of going to...

I love that they want to do this by themselves and for themselves

I love that they put the time and effort into all the little plans which will help to make their special day one that they will always look back on with a smile and a warm feeling in their heart.

I love that when they stand in front of each other, the emotions which are shared are true, unwaivering and without thought or regret.

I love that when they say beautiful words to each other, they mean them

and I most especially love that they would like me to help them create this unequaled special moment in their lives.

Just like Melissa and Tyler.

Here is a little snapshot of their beautiful ceremony...


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