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Castles & famous paintings

I love castles. As I come from a place that doesn't have any (Hobart, Tasmania​) they are the one thing that, whenever I'm driving around this lovely country, I can't help but stop and stare at them.

I'm REALLY lucky, as - due to my job - I get to go to lots too!

The other day, for example, I helped celebrate Beautiful Ceremony in Fanningstown Castle, Adare​. Before the ceremony started, I was taking a few little snaps and took one of the turret stairs. I'm all into spirals and arches too.. it's an arty thing.

A few days later, whilst at another ceremony, in Newtown Castle, Ballyvaughan Co. Clare​.. our couple had (during their planning) collated inspirations for photos. So, once the ceremony had concluded, they started on all their planned pics.

As we were in a castle, with an amazing turret staircase - I suggested a scene from a famous painting by Frederic William Burton, called "Hellelil and Hildebrand, The Meeting on the Turret Stairs". The couple didn't know the painting.. so I found an image of it online and showed them

so from inspiration to interpretation...

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